Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Unexpected visitor

Heyy sorry haven't been posting anything for a while, was so busy with life lately :D

I got another scary story when I was in Junior high. I often stayed up late at night to watch football (during EURO season) alone, but that night I was accompanied by my younger sister. In the living room, I was watching the football match and my sister was sitting next to me playing with her phone. I suddenly heard a cracking sound from the kitchen, which I presumed was a sound from children toy-car placed adjacent to the mid hall. My sister didn't hear anything so I thought I was mishearing.

Later I went to a bathroom and it was absolutely quiet at that time when I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen, next to the bathroom I was in. Going back and forth, it was getting closer to the bathroom and I called out "hey deb is that you?" (I was just ensuring it is my sister) and no answer. I started to freak out since the atmosphere became so awkward and believe me it was so quiet (I could barely hear the TV sound from the living room located not very far from the bathroom). I started to shout a bit louder and louder until I heard my sister responded "what???" from the living room. At that point I was extremely terrified and I kept shouting her name until she came to the bathroom. I went out with a total frightened look that I decided to go to bed (the match hasn't even started yet) right away.

I told my sister in the morning and as I have expected, she responded "Oh my God, seriously?". I did not say a word since I didn't want her to be afraid too and since then I never watched football match alone >.<

Friday, 15 March 2013

Scary experience

Another topic came up just now, so I decided to share my experience about ghost or as also known as spirits. In Indonesia, people believe in many things such as ghost/spirits that are still wandering around for many reasons.

I have experienced and also heard lots of ghost stories, since I was little. When I was about 10, our family moved into a new house, which is nice and quite big for us. Few months later, dad built another small building at the backyard, with 1 small room downstair and 2 bedrooms upstairs plus the living room and the balcony. The room downstairs was once used as closet is now placed with a bed for the maid.

I remembered sleeping in one of the bedrooms upstairs with my sister. The bedrooms are next to each other and so are the bathrooms. We heard noises at night very often that mostly came from the toilet inside the bedroom. Noises such as shower running in the middle of the night without anybody inside was just the creepiest shit ever. At that time, the other bedroom was empty that made it even scarier to stay and sleep in such a place. The bumping sound at the bathroom door was also often heard while we were still awake. Scary shit u never want to experience in your life. The sound of people walking in the living room and walking up the stairs also happened quite often.

Since we stayed in that room for about 2 years, we are kind of used to it but sometimes when I was alone I would just run for my life all over downstairs. Scary experiences I would never forget in my life. Damn!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Friday night.. I presume most people are having so much fun outside while I'm here sitting at home in front of my laptop, trying to think of anything to fill up my blog. HAHA I accidentally got an inspiration from someone that I care very much about. I'll be talking about my perception of a crazy little thing called "LOVE".

To be honest, I'm not some expert in romance and stuffs like that, but I'm totally fond of love songs especially those big hits in the 90s that I got some ideas about romance. Something that I never seriously think about before as to be honest, I never believe in such things like love, fate, nor destiny. Silly, but one wouldn't believe anything exists until he/she experiences it, or perhaps hears it from close relatives etc. Me myself, wouldn't either, until it happened to me in various ways that even I told everyone about it, many wouldn't really believe and think of it as fiction.

I actually found the title really cool somehow as it describes love as how I ever experienced it. In my personal opinion, loving someone is as simple as being happy with him/her. Words are never enough to express love, but in fact every little thing counts if it comes from the heart. For me, to be loved and cared so much by someone I love is way beyond my happiness, but to be with the person I love most of the time is the most perfect thing I ever cherished in my life. Moreover, the joy of being able to share every single thing and to communicate effectively with each other is also very important to maintain the relationship.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Yo! Welcome to my blog!

I suppose I shall start this very blog of mine with a little introduction about myself. Well, I was born in a small town in Indonesia. Mom and Dad are Chinese, so practically I'm half Chinese and Indonesian. And guess what, I'm the 7th child in my family, yet not the youngest one. Yeppp I have quite a 'big' family, not to mention the cousins, etc. I presume no one would ever want to write down our family tree history HAHA.

That's a brief story about me, quite simple and short. Anyhow, I'll try to come up with more detail story about myself later on. I now should start thinking about which stories I should bring out next.