Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Unexpected visitor

Heyy sorry haven't been posting anything for a while, was so busy with life lately :D

I got another scary story when I was in Junior high. I often stayed up late at night to watch football (during EURO season) alone, but that night I was accompanied by my younger sister. In the living room, I was watching the football match and my sister was sitting next to me playing with her phone. I suddenly heard a cracking sound from the kitchen, which I presumed was a sound from children toy-car placed adjacent to the mid hall. My sister didn't hear anything so I thought I was mishearing.

Later I went to a bathroom and it was absolutely quiet at that time when I heard footsteps approaching the kitchen, next to the bathroom I was in. Going back and forth, it was getting closer to the bathroom and I called out "hey deb is that you?" (I was just ensuring it is my sister) and no answer. I started to freak out since the atmosphere became so awkward and believe me it was so quiet (I could barely hear the TV sound from the living room located not very far from the bathroom). I started to shout a bit louder and louder until I heard my sister responded "what???" from the living room. At that point I was extremely terrified and I kept shouting her name until she came to the bathroom. I went out with a total frightened look that I decided to go to bed (the match hasn't even started yet) right away.

I told my sister in the morning and as I have expected, she responded "Oh my God, seriously?". I did not say a word since I didn't want her to be afraid too and since then I never watched football match alone >.<

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